Course Category

Course Description:
You need to gather information about the various tasks involved, resources required to accomplish the tasks, and the overall cost in order to plan a project. Microsoft® Office Project Professional 2010 acts as a tool that assists you in managing your projects. In this course, you will create and modify a project plan.
Course Objective:
You will create a project plan containing tasks, organize these tasks in a work breakdown structure containing task relationships, create and assign resources, and finalize the project to implement the project plan.
Target Student:
This course is designed for a person who has an understanding of project management concepts, who is responsible for creating and modifying project plans, and who needs a tool to manage these project plans.

  • Students enrolled for this course should have the following:
  • An understanding of project management concepts.

The following would be helpful, but are not required:

  • Project Management Fundamentals
  • A basic knowledge of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Delivery Method:
Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.
Performance-Based Objectives:
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the basic features and components of the Microsoft Project environment.
  • Create a new project plan file and enter project information.
  • Manage tasks by organizing them and setting task relationships.
  • Manage resources for a project.
  • Finalize a project plan.

Course Outline:
Getting Started with Project

  • Managing Your Projects with Project
  • Starting Project Standard
  • Starting Project Professional
  • Exploring Views
  • Exploring Reports
  • Creating a New Project Plan
  • Setting Nonworking Days
  • Entering Project Properties
  • Key Points

Creating a Task List

  • Entering Tasks
  • Estimating Durations
  • Entering a Milestone
  • Organizing Tasks into Phases
  • Linking Tasks
  • Documenting Tasks
  • Checking the Plan's Duration
  • Key Points

Setting Up Resources

  • Setting Up People Resources
  • Setting Up Equipment Resources
  • Setting Up Material Resources
  • Setting Up Cost Resources
  • Entering Resource Pay Rates
  • Adjusting Working Time for Individual Resources
  • Documenting Resources
  • Key Points

Assigning Resources to Tasks

  • Assigning Work Resources to Tasks
  • Assigning Additional Resources to a Task
  • Assigning Material Resources to Tasks
  • Assigning Cost Resources to Tasks
  • Key Points

Formatting and Printing Your Plan

  • Creating a Custom Gantt Chart View
  • Drawing on a Gantt Chart
  • Formatting Text in a View
  • Formatting and Printing Reports
  • Key Points

Tracking Progress on Tasks

  • Saving a Project Baseline
  • Tracking a Project as Scheduled
  • Entering a Task's Completion Percentage
  • Entering Actual Values for Tasks
  • Key Points

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