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The Managing Successful Programmes course was designed for individuals who are interested in studying the MSP framework in a classroom environment under the guidance of an experienced facilitator. There are 2 levels to the MSP certification program: Foundation and Practitioner. The Foundation level is conducted over 3 days while the Practitioner course runs over an additional 2 days (5 days in total for Foundation & Practitioner).

The MSP course provides participants with in depth knowledge and understanding of the practical application of the MSP framework. Upon completion of the Foundation level participants should be comfortable working as part of a programme team. Participants who complete the Practitioner level should be comfortable managing programmes using MSP. Participants will receive either a certificate in MSP at the Foundation level or MSP Practitioner certificate depending on the course selected.


This course includes, but is not limited to:

  • Programme management introduction
  • Determining if a change warrants a programme approach and whether it is worth doing
  • Establishing the programme
  • Transformational flow processes
  • Governance themes 
  • Benefits management
  • Leadership & stakeholder engagement
  • Programme assurance reviews & audit

Program Managers, Senior Managers, Operational Managers, Operational Staff, Programme Office Staff, Project Managers and those seeking a professional qualification in Programme Management
$ 1800.00 for Foundation
$ 2000.00 for Practitioner
(please note that the fees includes the international exams and original course materials )
Foundation- 3 Sessions (6 hours per session)
Practitioner-2 Sessions (6 hours per session)

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